Horological Machines by Maximilian Büsser

HM3 Sidewinder red gold

The HM1, HM2 & HM3 Horological Machines series are limited edition, unique designs that won't be mistaken for any other brands. Each year, a different team is assembled to design a new unique design, unencumbered by conventions.
Their download section contains some of the most artful photographs, if you can't decorate your arm with one this Christmas, at least check out the computer decorating wallpaper art at the Horological Machines & Friends web site.

The HM3 Rotor

A new addition is the HR2 Ceramic model that speaks of ancient artisans as well as space-age technology. There is a version with Red gold and one with titanium.The Gold HM2-CR is a limited edition of 33 pieces, the titanium HM2-CTi is a limited edition of 66 pieces.

The Gold HM2-CR

The Titanium HM2-CTi

Maximilian Büsser introduces the HM1 (can you count the adjectives)

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