--- See More Colorful Extreme Watch Designs on the Extreme Watches II page. --

Romain Jerome's Alternative Slant on Beauty

Romain Jerome has an alternative take on "beauty", creating time pieces that include parts of the Titanic (below) or with bits of the Moon and space craft (bottom)

Titanic DNA Watches

Moon Dust DNA -- The Truth about Roswell
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The Most Unusual of the Exox Watch Line

Edox Maitre Horloger Automatic List $20,000
($7,499 at eWatches)

Edox Classe Royale Mechanical List $17,500
($9,999 at eWatches)

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Innovative Designs Affordable for The Rest of Us

ewMost of the designs presented here are priced in the stratosphere, here are some novel designs by more mainstream, reasonable priced makers:

Stauer Dashtronic Watch (Gold) $99
Stauer Marconi Radio Watch $99

Celebrate your company going multi-national with a multi-time-zone watch.

Pipo ladies 4 Time Zone Watch
Techno Com WA000690 4 Zone Watch

Moschino Ladies Cats eyes $129
Moschino Glittering Ladies $95

Whimsical watches $94.95 list, $44.95 at eWatches

hand-crafted in the USA by a team of Graphic Designers and Artists. Each Whimsical watch contains three dimensional hand-painted miniatures, coordinating Italian leather bands, quartz movement.

More Colorful Affordable Time Pieces at: Extreme Watches II

Yet more accessibly priced designs at: WatchesJewelry.org

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