Innovative Designs Affordable for The Rest of Us

ewMost of the designs presented here are priced in the stratosphere, here are some novel designs by more mainstream, reasonable priced makers:

Stauer Dashtronic Watch (Gold) $99
Stauer Marconi Radio Watch $99

Celebrate your company going multi-national with a multi-time-zone watch.

Pipo ladies 4 Time Zone Watch
Techno Com WA000690 4 Zone Watch

Moschino Ladies Cats eyes $129
Moschino Glittering Ladies $95

Whimsical watches $94.95 list, $44.95 at eWatches

hand-crafted in the USA by a team of Graphic Designers and Artists. Each Whimsical watch contains three dimensional hand-painted miniatures, coordinating Italian leather bands, quartz movement.

More Colorful Affordable Time Pieces at: Extreme Watches II

Yet more accessibly priced designs at:

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